Surfing Girl Car Stickers - Surf Sun Sea
Surfing Girl Car Stickers - Surf Sun Sea

Surfing Girl Car Stickers

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Highest quality outdoor grade vinyl on the market,Water resistant. The sticker is digitally printed then die cut around the image. Easy application, will stick to all types of flat surfaces - bumpers, cars,surfboards,windows, lockers, binders, metal, wood. Directions: Ensure that the surface that you are applying the sticker to is dry and clean. Stick the adhesive backing to the desired surface


  • Sticker Placement: The Whole Body
  • Model: Figure
  • Type: Glue Sticker
  • Item Diameter: 0cm
  • Item Height: 11cm
  • Item Length: 0cm
  • Material Type: Vinyl
  • Item Width: 17cm
  • Color: Black/Silver

1 - Clean the surface where the decal will be installed.

2 - Slowly removed the paper backing making sure that your decal remains stuck to the clear transfer tape. If part of your decal lifts up with the backing, press the paper backing back down against it until it stays stuck to the transfer tape.
3 - Once your decal is peeled away from the backing, line up & position your decal against the surface to which it will be applied.
4 - Use a credit card, squegee, or something similar to smooth down your decal, making sure that it is completely stuck to the surface.
5 - Carefully & Slowly, remove the transfer tape from your decal, making sure that your decal is stuck to the surface. If you see part of the decal does not release from the transfer tape, press it back down to the surface and repeat the process.